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Tree Reports and Consultancy

Cotswold Tree Surgeons have over 30 years experience in providing consultancy and providing tree reports for clients throughout Swindon and Wiltshire. We provide tree reports for a wide rang of customers including schools, local authorities, construction companies and landscapers.

Safety Reports: If you require safety reports for parklands, large gardens, schools, industrial areas or for individual trees, our knowledgeable team are available to assist.

Diagnosis of Decay or Ill Health:Our experienced team can identify and offer diagnosis for ill health in trees including bacteria, viral infection and fungus.

Mortgage Reports:To ensure that your property is not at risk from nearby tree growth, our experts offer assurance that your property is evaluated as safe from tree related damage.

Planning Application reports:If you are seeking BS5837 Planning Application reports, or experts can provide detailed plans and reports according to your requirements.

Trees with Structural Defects:We can assess and produce management recommendations for trees which structural defects and may be located within areas where the public have access.

Tree Decay and Ill Health

Tree Surgeons for Tree Decay and Illness in Devizes

Cotswold Tree Surgeons can help you manage trees that have become infected by illness or decay. Trees can often become weakened from external influences such as extreme weather or damage caused to the cambium layer beneath the tree's bark. If a tree becomes weakened, they can become vulnerable to attack from viral, fungal or bacterial agents that can cause decay or ill health.

Our specially trained team offer identification and diagnosis of ill health within the tree and can suggest measures required to maintain healthy and safe trees on your premises.

For further information on tree decay or tree reports in Swindon and Wiltshire, please contact us today on 01793 771742 or by completing our contact form.